Hi, 👋🏼! I'm Nicholas Adamou.

I am currently a Computer Science student at . My mission is to learn as much as I can about different areas of the computer. I absolutely love programming. The mere ability to write a few lines of code and have something unique and interesting come up on the screen fascinates me each and every day!

Because of my interest in computers, I've had the unique opportunity to intern and work for a few software engineering companies such as , , and where I met and networked with many great and vastly talented engineers.

At all three of those companies, I leveraged cutting-edge JavaScript technologies such as React, React Native, Graph QL, Apollo, React Redux, Amazon AWS and more to construct applications driven to excel each company's bottom-line.

My Expertise

I've got the chops in all phases of the development life cycle.

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Things that I use and .

Recent Work 🍫

A selection of work that was designed, programmed and delivered by me.

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I am an and I have . Take a 👀.

Experiments 🧪

Quick prototypes, work-in-progress or abandoned experiments I've done in JavaScript.

THREE.js implementation of the Earth using only polygons.

A multi-layered star-field constructed using ES6 JavaScript.

The matrix text effect implemented using ES6 JavaScript.


I enjoy writing my thoughts and some times I publish it. Here are some of my favorites.

Online education has developed and grown tremendously over the past three decades due to the advancement of technology. Higher internet speeds, better storage technology, and improvements to web languages have brought forth new innovations including cloud computing, Google web applications (e.g. Google Drive, Google Photos, etc), and better online courses including lynda and Coursera. In this paper, I will focus on the following key areas as they relate to online courseware: (i) History, (ii) Advancement of Technology and (iii) Applications of New Innovations to demonstrate how new technology developments within these areas have positively impacted online courses.

There are different standards for security of networks such as: Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP), Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) and Wi-Fi Protected Access version 2 (WPA2). Each protocol has their own unique way of authenticating a user into a network. Determining which protocol is the best choice for a particular organization can be challenging. Hartwick College has a total student body of approximately 1,550 students with 500 or so faculty members and staff, so keeping its user-base secure is a keen issue that its system and network administrators have to consider. The IT department at Hartwick College has utilized all of this knowledge to develop and provide a secure network for its student body and faculty.

Since the boom of the internet, the race to become a completely digital society has begun. This has led to the emergence of new services and industries. Because of the internet, many internet-based services and applications have sprung up. Many companies have made the switch to cloud computing. Most noteworthy and the first to the market was Netflix. Netflix is known for their internet-based streaming service used for watching television on any mobile device, such as tablets, laptops, and smartphones. Because of Netflix’s success in the streaming business other competitive companies have emerged, such as Hulu, Amazon TV, HBO and YouTube. Essentially, any device that can connect to the internet, can use Netflix’s service or other competing services. According to Nielsen data, over the last 10 years, the internet has grown to become a fundamental part of our society. 274.2 million Americans were hooked up to the Internet in 2011 (more than double the number with access in 2000) and spent 81 billion minutes on social networks and blogs (Nielsen). There are 165.9 million people who watch video on the computer. As stated in Nielsen, 28% of users choose to watch online video on a smartphone rather than watching online video on other handheld devices, which is 11%. (Nielsen). The expansion into streaming services has been linked to the emergence of newer technology that provided for a higher level of bandwidth and thus a better user experience. In that regard, the advanced innovation and increased subscription rates provided for better returns in terms of economics for those companies in the streaming media business such as Netflix. From a broader perspective, the evolution of digitization such as Netflix has had direct impact on macroeconomics, including employment,emergence of new innovative businesses, and traditional media businesses within the economy.

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