Hi, 👋🏼! I'm Nicholas Adamou.

Currently, I am an software engineer. I primarily focus on the front-end and back-end of cloud-native applications. Recently I graduated Summa Cum Laude from where I earned my degree in Computer Science. I have always been a highly organized and goal-driven individual who is a problem solver by nature. I love programming because I can use my skills as a software engineer to improve the lives of others by developing fun and intuitive applications.

Work Experience

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Software Engineer

Full-stack software engineer focused primarily on the front-end and back-end of the IBM cloud-native applications GLUI, the single-entry point to IBM’s ledger for all global journal activity and GUDA, the global application for all IBM departmental activities. Works with testers, PO's, IM's, UI/UX designers, and users to enhance IBM's cloud-native journaling and departmental software. Leverages modern front-end technologies, such as React and Angular, and modern back-end technologies such as Go, GraphQL, Node.js and Express, Java RESTful services using Spring, JDBC, and SQL. Utilizes the IBM DB2 and PostgreSQL relational databases, Docker for containerization, Artifactory for encapsulating all Docker images, IBM Hybrid Cloud and k8s for container orchestration and management, along with a host of CI/CD software to provide automated testing and continuous deployment of cloud-native applications.

Software Engineering Co-Op

Continued the work I finished as an intern, but now as a Co-Op while I was a student at Cornell College. I participated in weekly stand-up meetings relating to the JIRA stories, I was assigned. With each story, I assisted the team remotely with various bug fixes and quality assurance testing of the front-end and back-end of the ledger application.

Software Engineering Intern

At IBM, I worked and collaborated with a diverse team of developers, UX/UI designers, PO's, IM's, testers, etc. from around the world in order to transition IBM’s global ledger application for all journal activity to a cloud-native solution utilizing React for the front-end, and a variety of technologies for the back-end micro-services, such as SQL, Java Spring, JDBC, k8s for container-orchestration, and Docker for containerization. As a team, we additionally leveraged a host of CI/CD software to develop the application along with Git and GitHub for version control, and Travis for integrated build tests.

Software Engineer

As a software engineer at Blackbird, I worked closely with the CTO and the engineering team to construct custom components for the Blackbird web and mobile apps leveraging React, React Native, React Native Web, GraphQL, Apollo, and ES6 JavaScript. In addition, I provided QA (Quality Assurance) and unit testing on multiple builds of the Blackbird web and mobile apps.


Various projects that I've open sourced while working at these companies.

Badges and Certifications

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IBM Developer JumpStart Explorer

The IBM Developer Jumpstart badge ensures an understanding of key skills and knowledge required by software and hardware developers to apply core practices such as IBM Design Thinking and agile to their work, and have taken steps to build their skills and experiences as developers through a 4 module set of e-Learning.

IBM Developer JumpStart Practitioner

The earner has acquired a practical knowledge of IBM Design Thinking, Agile Software development/Project management skills and practical development (coding/designing) skills. They have also demonstrated the ability to use and implement components of IBM's Cloud Computing offerings to solve valid business challenges within IBM. As a Practitioner, the badge earner has demonstrated the ability to to work as a team, with their Stakeholders to deliver well designed solutions to business challenges.

Beyond the Basics: Istio and IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service

The badge earner can install Istio in a cluster, deploy a sample app, and set up the Istio Ingress controller. The individual knows how to use metrics, logging and tracing to observe services. The earner is also able to perform simple traffic management such as A/B tests and canary deployments, secure a service mesh, and enforce policies for microservices.

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Schools where I learned all that I know about software engineering.

Cornell College
Cornell College

Bachelors of Arts, Computer Science

Graduated Summa Cum Laude.
Cumulative GPA: 3.98 out of 4.0.
Overall Class Rank: 6/261 (2.29%).
Hartwick College
Hartwick College

Transferred; Computer Science Major

Cumulative GPA: 3.96 out of 4.0.

Computer Science Projects

Various projects that I've completed as an computer science student.

Campus News

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Passion for computer science leads to job at IBM for Adamou

An interest in the classic video game Asteroids for Windows 98 spawned a passion for computer science at a young age for Nicholas Adamou ՚20.

June 17, 2020
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Adamou wins twice at Midwest Open Championships

Cornell senior Nick Adamou (SR/New Milford, Conn.) came away with two victories this weekend in his first appearance at the Midwest Open Men's Tennis Championships hosted by Gustavus Adolphus College.

September 28, 2019
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Adamou holds computer science internship at IBM

Nick Adamou will start his senior year with new insights and knowledge following his computer science internship.

August 27, 2019
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Awards and Recognition

Cornell College
Cornell College Awards➤ High Honors Dean's List (Fall ‘18)
➤ Highest Honors Dean's List (Spring ‘19, Fall '19, Spring '20)
Cornell Rams
Cornell Rams Awards➤ Team Nadal Award (Spring '19)
➤ Team Most Improved Player (Spring '20)
➤ Midwest Conference Academic All-Conference (Fall '18, Spring ‘19, Fall '19, Spring '20)
➤ Intercollegiate Tennis Association Scholar-Athlete (Fall '18, Spring ‘19, Fall '19, Spring '20)
Hartwick College
Hartwick College Awards➤ Dean's List (Fall ‘16, ‘17), (Spring ‘17, ‘18)
➤ Presidents List (Fall '16, '17), (Spring ‘17, ‘18)
➤ Summer Entrepreneurship Award (2017)
➤ The Departmental Award for Excellence in Computer Science (2018)
Hartwick Hawks
Hartwick Hawks Awards➤ Empire8 Sportsman of the Year (2017)
➤ The Philip S. Wilder Jr. Award for Academic Distinction (2017, 2018)

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Open Source

I am an and I have .

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Experiments I've done in various technologies.

THREE.js implementation of the Earth using only polygons.

A multi-layered star-field constructed using ES6 JavaScript.

The matrix text effect implemented using ES6 JavaScript.

Create a React-based modal using react-hooks and react-portals.

A SASS mixin for creating an angled div.

A terminal-like-webpage based off of Darren Kitchen's website.

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